Thursday, May 26

Vegetable prices to remain high for another month



Prices of different varieties of vegetables will not be stable until new crops come to the markets. It will take a month or more for them to pacify people with fresh tastes with cheap prices, according to the traders and DAE officials.

Incessant rain in August led to nearly 7,000 hectare land across 24 districts going under water, causing huge losses to farmers. Seventy-eight per cent of the submerged crop lands were damaged, according to the Department of Agriculture Extension (DAE).

Farmers who have sus-tained losses will soon be indemnified with 10,257 farmers of Kurigram, Gaibandha, Bogra, Sherpur and Lalmonirhat already provided with late variety seeds of some crops free-of-cost which have been sowed in the fields after water left them.

Even floating seedbeds in flood-affected areas would help compensate farmers, said a senior official of DAE Field Services Wing. Approximately Tk 32 crore, 50 lakh and 31 thousand

has been spent on agricultural rehabilitation of farmers, he said. With vegetables like chilly, cauliflower and brinjal most vulnerable during the rainy season, Babul Mian, a vegetable vendor at the retail market in Uttara in the capital said, It will take at least two months for all essential vegetables to dominate the markets but as some of them grow rapidly, they will be available within this month.

They can be used as substitute for other vegetables which will surely reduce pressure on the limited vegetables available in markets currently.

In retail markets in the capital yesterday, prevailing per kg rates of vegetables were: Brinjal (Tk 60-70), onion (Tk 85-90), lady finger (Tk 45-50), patal (Tk 45-50), bitter gourd (Tk 50-60), green papaya (Tk 20-30), carrot (Tk 45-50) and cucumber (Tk 40-45). Tomatoes were being sold at Tk 100-110 per kg, up from last week’s Tk 85-95 and potatoes at Tk 30 per kg, up from Tk 20-25 before Eid-ul-Azha.

Green chilly was being sold for Tk 140-145 per kg yesterday at the Karwan Bazaar retail market. Hafizul Islam, a wholesale trader in Kawran Bazar selling green chilly said, “Excessive rain has damaged the crop. Even though flood waters have receded, it will taketime for new produce to reach the market.”

Due to supply of Indian green chilly, prices, however, have been stable for a couple of weeks. Local vari-ety onions were selling at Tk 65-70 per kg while garlic was selling yesterday for Tk 80-100 per kg.

Meanwhile, eggs continue to sell for Tk 90-92 per dozen. Till yesterday, medium-sized hilsa was being sold for Tk 950-Tk 1,000 per kg, ruhi was selling at Tk 200-300 per kg, katla at Tk 200-280 per kg, Pangas at Tk 120-170 per kg, and Tilapia at Tk 110-180 per kg, depending on the size and quality.

Whereas prices of broiler chicken went down slightly and yesterday, the item was selling for Tk 130-135 per kg.