Wednesday, July 6

Former Supreme Court judge AHM Shamsuddin Choudhury attacked in London



Justice AHM Shamsuddin Choudhury, a former Supreme Court judge who retired recently, has been attacked in London.

His daughter Nadia Choudhury said in a Facebook post that she and her father landed at London’s Heathrow airport on Wednesday night.

Before heading home, the two drove off to a Durga Puja pavilion in York Hall at Bethnal Green, she said.

As the two came out of the pavilion, a person came up to them and asked her father if he was indeed AHM Shamsuddin Choudhury.

When he did not reply, the youngman attacked him. Few others joined up and kicked and punched Shamsuddin, his daughter said in the FB post.

The attackers snatched his mobile phone as the former judge hit the ground, his daughter said. Despite our screams for help, none came forward, she said.

As Choudhury rushed back to the Puja pavilion, he looked devastated. Police intervened soon and were provided the description of those who attacked the former judge.

But no arrest has been reported so far. The London Metropolitan Police told they were aware of the attack on Justice Choudhury and also about the loss of his mobile phone.

But it was not yet clear who was responsible for the attack and the motive behind it, though Choudhury’s daughter suspects BNP’s involvement. In 2012, unidentified Bengali youths had assaulted Choudhury near his home in East London.