Thursday, November 30

Britain’s most prolific speed camera nabs 48 drivers A Day in East London



A speed camera in east London has been revealed to be the most prolific in the country – catching almost 50 motorists A DAY.

Data released under Freedom of Information Act revealed that the camera, on the westbound carriageway in the Limehouse Link Tunnel, snared a staggering 17,620 motorists in 2014-15.

London is also home to the 10th most prolfiic speed camera, on Tower Bridge South.

The camera, which is operated by City of London police, snapped on average 14 speeding drivers per day. Roger Lawson, from the Alliance of British Drivers, said the use of the cameras was unjustifiable.

He said: Clearly it’s unjustified and they should do something about it. The engineering of the road is not appropriate if they’re catching that many people a day.

I think the cameras in that tunnel are totally pointless, clearly they should have done something else. He added that the speed limit on Tower Bridge was unnatural, saying: The problem with Tower Bridge is it’s a 20 mile per hour limit, and if you go at 22 miles per hour you get a speeding ticket.

It’s an unnatural speed limit if there’s little traffic and few pedestrians around. The Daily Mirror obtained the data from police across the UK, but said that not all forces re-sponded to its request FoI and some of them no longer operated speed cameras.