Saturday, July 2

This is officially the WORST place to live in the UK where you should escape to instead: Can you guess where it is



Bradford residents should pack their bags and move 238 miles north. It’s just been named the worst town in the UK, according to a quality of life index.

Instead, if you want to have a nice house and a good job, then it’s time to move to Edinburgh.

The Scottish capital has been crowned best place to live in the UK. It has the lowest crime rate in the UK, cheap energy bills and disposable household income of £20,083 a year.

Plus, the average broadband download speed is a racy 30Mbs. By contrast, Northern Ireland and England have some of the grimmest towns around.

The study compared different factors including salaries, the cost of shopping and fuel, working hours, life expectancy and hours of sunshine.

Ann Robinson, from uSwitch, which compiled the index, said: “Edinburgh has long been a vibrant city with striking architecture and a world famous festival, all surrounded by stunning scenery.

“Now it’s official – Edinburgh is the best place to live in the UK.”

Scotland as a whole is becoming a more attractive place to live, with other high rankers including Renfrewshire and Lanarkshire in the south west.

By contrast, England appears to be in decline – 16 out of the 20 biggest fallers are English, with Bradford and Hull stuck at the bottom of the index.

Bradford residents have some of the lowest gross disposable household incomes at £13,654 a year, but some of the highest rents at £92.60 a week. Just two in three locals are employed.

And all of Northern Ireland hit bottom.

Top 10 places to live

1. Edinburgh

2. Solihull

3. Hertfordshire

4. Northumberland

5. South Lanarkshire

6. Berkshire

7. Darlington

8. North Lanarkshire

9. York

10. Inverclyde, East Renfrewshire and Renfrewshire

Worst 10 places to live

1. Bradford

2. Kingston Upon Hull

3. North of Northern Ireland

4. Western Isles

5. West and South of Northern Ireland

6. Blackpool

7. Devon

8. Central Valleys

9. East of Northern Ireland

10. South Teesside

Where you should move for…

Better wages

West London retains the title of Britain’s richest region with average full time salaries of £35,464 and an average annual gross disposable household income of £39,602. But it’s also the hardest working region of the country too.

Safer streets

Edinburgh has the lowest rate of reported crime in the UK, followed by Powys in East Wales. Northern Ireland has the highest rates of reported crime, with Belfast the most crime-ridden region in the UK, followed by the East of Northern Ireland region.

A long life

Women in Buckinghamshire have a life expectancy of 85 years old – compared to those in Glasgow with a life expectancy of just 78 and a half. Meanwhile, men in Surrey have a life expectancy of 81 and a half – compared to just 73 years old in Glasgow.