Tuesday, July 16

Dramatic picture of Dublin boxing weigh in hitmen fleeing with one disguised as a WOMAN



Two suspected gunmen – one disguised as a woman – can be seen fleeing a hotel moments after a notorious criminal was shot dead This is the moment two suspected hitmen one disguised as a woman flee a hotel seconds after a notorious criminal was killed in front of hundreds of boxing fans.

The two men were pictured running away from the Regency Hotel in Dublin after criminal David Byrne, 35, was gunned down at a boxing weigh-in.

As these dramatic pictures show, one of the attackers appeared to be wearing a wig and was disguised as a woman.

Both men can be seen carrying handguns after launching the gangland hit. Two other gunmen were seen entering the hotel disguised as police officers and armed with AK-47s.

Up to 300 boxing fans had gathered to watch a weigh-in before the gunmen opened fire on Friday afternoon.

The two suspected gunmen can be seen fleeing the scene after the shooting spree inside the hotel Bystanders who were in the lobby described cowering for their lives as the attackers fired multiple rounds at the men.

The attack killed Byrne, 35, and pictures showed his body lying in a pool of blood in the hotel’s reception.

The shooting is thought to be linked to an ongoing feud between the most powerful figures in Ireland’s gangland crime.

Police now fear all-out war as they launch a major manhunt for the gunmen.

Bystanders who were in the lobby described cowering for their lives as the attackers fired multiple rounds at the men.

The killing in Drumcondra, North Dublin, was meticulously planned and is believed to be revenge for the brutal assassination of Gary Hutch in Spain last year.

That murder pitted two of the most powerful gangs against each other and gardai have feared bloodshed for some time.

shot dead

Byrne was well-known to gardai and was one of the leading movers of the Kinahan drugs cartel.

The killing is a blow for the gang, but it’s the savage nature of the attack which will ramp up tensions in the mob.

The function room was packed with boxing fans when it descended into chaos.

And now it is feared the killing will spark a bloody war with the criminal factions.

Security sources told the Irish Mirror: “This was something that was expected but nobody thought it would be as bloody.

“Tensions between the Kinahans and a north inner city gang have heightened since Gary Hutch was shot dead last year.

Two other hitmen disguised as police officers and carrying AK-47s were pictured entering the hotel “They wanted revenge for his murder.

“They tried killing a man who has close links to the gang in November of last year but the gun jammed.

“There can be no underestimating what has happened today.

“This more than likely starts a war which will last for a very long time.

“The situation has been simmering since Gary was murdered back in September.”

The violent feud between the rival gangs kicked off after the bloody shooting of career criminal Gary Hutch in Spain last year.

David Byrne is thought to have been killed in a revenge gangland hit Gary, a nephew of former criminal Gerry “The Monk” Hutch, was gunned down at his Costa del Sol bolthole in September.

Gerry Hutch is no longer involved in criminality. Gary, 34, fell out with the mob andmet a grisly end in Miraflores when he was ruthlessly executed by a masked gunmanfollowing an early-morning run.

he leaders of the Kinahan gang reportedly believed Gary Hutch, a noted hothead and loudmouth, had double-crossed then and stolen more than €100,000. Underworld figures also reportedly believed he may have been a Garda informant.

There were also two vicious attacks on Gary’s brother Derek “Del Boy” Hutch behind bars.

Killer Del Boy was recently moved from Mountjoy to Wheatfield prison after authorities learned a €5,000 hit that was placed on him had been taken up by another inmate.

It was the third contract put on the 27-year-old’s head since the murder of his brother Gary.

Last year, he narrowly escaped an attack from a fellow inmate who had used a makeshift blade as a weapon. Earlier this month it emerged that Gerry Hutch narrowly escaped an attempt on his life at a bar Lanzarote on New Year’s Eve.

Two balaclava-wearing gunmen burst into a pub on the popular holiday island where he had been drinking moments before.

The weigh-in was for a card billed as the Clash of the Clans. It was set to see Jamie Kavanagh fight Joao Bento for the vacant WBO European Lightweight title at the National Stadium in Tallaght today.

Kavanagh, who has no involvement with crime, is the son of Gerard “Hatchet” Kavanagh who was blasted to death on the Costa del Sol in 2014.

amie’s uncle Paul was also shot dead in an ambush last year on Church Avenue on Drumcondra, not far from the scene of yesterday’s bloodbath.

The boxer tweeted last night: “Anyone asking I’m OK! “Thanks for asking. I was lucky today is all I can say.”