Thursday, May 26

Bangladesh Bank confirmed detects forgery at 6 booths



Bangladesh Bank confirmed the freak transactions in six ATM booths in the capital on yesterday. The central bank in a statement said as per its collected information, the incidents took place in six ATM booths.

However, it did no disclose the name of any bank in this regard. Meanwhile, it has been reported that the incidents took place at the ATM booths of Eastern Bank Limited on Friday by using duplicate cards of clients.

The central bank said the money from the ATM booths was withdrawn by using duplicate cards collecting information of clients’ cards and PIN numbers through installing video camera and skimming devices.

Against this backdrop, it directed the banks to install anti-skimming devices, conduct regular monitoring of video footage, and not to allow any unauthorised person to install any new devices or repair any such devices in the ATM booths.Specially, the security guards have to be alerted to protect the ATM booths from such crimes, the statement said.

It said the Bangladesh Bank has already taken measures to determine the responsibility of the bank concerned in order to pay back the money to the affected bank clients. It also mentioned that the information and details of the affected clients were sent to the bank concerned on Saturday.

In this regard, bank was instructed to prepare the lists of the affected clients to inform them and cancel their cards and issue new ones. An inspection team of Bangladesh Bank visited the ATM booths where such fraudulency took place.