Thursday, December 7

Cash strapped ISIS killing its own fighters so ORGANS can be extracted and sold on the black market



ISIS has been killing its injured fighters so there organs can be extracted and sold on the black market abroad, it has been claimed. Doctors in Iraq say they have been threatened by fighters to remove the organs from wounded militants.

It is believed they then sell the organs abroad to raise money. A report by an unnamed source in the al-Sabah newspaper said: “Doctors were threatened to take out the body organs of a wounded ISIL militant,’ the report said.

As reported by Fars News, it is also believed that prisoners held by ISIS have been forced to give blood to the terror group.

It emerged today that hundreds of women are now fighting for ISIS in Libya – many as suicide bombers – after being “promoted” from their roles as wives. Experts say as many as 1,000 women are with the terror group in the country.

But it is now thought hundreds as now fighting for Islamic State after receiving just three weeks training for the use of weapons.

A large number are also being trained to become suicide bombers to help the group launch the sickening attacks it has become known for. As reported by The Times, the move to use women on the frontline of its fighting operations is a new approach for the group compared to how it operates in Iraq and Syria.

Many of the women fighting for ISIS in Libya are from Tunisia, with recruiters targeting girls as young as 15.

Two daughters of Olfa Hamrouni, from Tunis, have joined ISIS. One of them, Rahma, 17, has made a number of phone calls home after being captured in police raids.

She has told how hundreds of women are now fighting with the terror group in Libya.

As reported by The Time, Mrs Hamrouni said: “At first they wanted to use them for sex. But my daughter said there are hundreds of women that fight with men”.

It emerged yesterday that ISIS is increasing the size of its drone unit in a bid to launch more deadly attacks.

The terror group has been using small drones remotely piloted in Iraq and Syria for some time. But now, according to the Iraq Ministry of Defence, the feared terror group is reportedly increasing its arsenal.

The Iraqi MoD released a picture at the weekend showing a soldier in the Iraqi army holding a drone which had been knocked out of the sky earlier this month.

As reported by, the drone could be bought for $1,000 online. The Iraq military say the drone had been taking pictures of an army outpost.

It shows that ISIS is now using drones to spy on its enemies as well as for launching deadly attacks.