Wednesday, May 25

Couple’s Las Vegas trip ruined after booking wrong Birmingham airport



A couple’s dream trip to Las Vegas came to an abrupt end before it had even started – when the pair realised they had booked to fly from the wrong Birmingham airport.

Richella Heekin and Ben Marlow spent £1,200 on their break, but only realised the mistake when they were actually at the airport.

They were told their flights were booked for Birmingham, Alabama, instead of the West Midlands. To make matters worse, they were told that a refund wasn’t possible.

Richella, from Sutton Coldfield, had booked the trip on for her boyfriend’s 30th as a surprise, and had kept it secret for a whole year before revealing the present at a party in front of their friend and family.

But she had unwittingly booked the airport code BHM, which is Birmingham Alabama, instead of BHX, which is Birmingham in the UK.

According to the BBC, tried to find the couple alternative flights and contacted the airline and hotel for a refund, but could not get one.

As the couple, who are both carers for children with special needs, had already booked time off work, they used a new credit card to fly to Amsterdam instead.

Speaking to the Mirror, Ben said: “It’s a common mistake apparently – but if that’s the case the company’s website should make it more clear.

“It’s embarrassing because everyone was really happy for us.

“We are just going to have to start saving from scratch again.” said they felt for the couple but that the distinction between the airport is made clear on the website.

According to the Daily Mail, a spokesman said: “While not an error on our behalf, we do feel very sorry that Richella and Ben only realised this choice of departure was incorrect once at the airport.

“This is when they contacted our customer service team, who did their best to assist on the day of travel.

“However there were no other flights available which could have been booked as an alternative.

“We take customer satisfaction very seriously and are committed to always finding the best possible solution.

We have since contacted the airline and the hotel to ask whether any refund would be available.

Unfortunately, as per the terms of conditions of the booking, this is not something that can be provided.

Such cases are extremely rare.