Tuesday, May 17

Game of Thrones star Emilia Clarke who was named Sexiest Woman Alive, had body image issues



British actress Emilia Clarke, who was named the Sexiest Woman Alive by Esquire magazine in November 2015, has talked about the time when she was just like any other 18-year-old, concerned about being fat and the way she appeared.

In a video for Teen Vogue, the Game Of Thrones star read out a heartfelt letter to her 18-year-old self, filled with important lessons on life and advices from the now 29-year-old’s point of view.

You are not as fat as you think you are, Clarke advised, reiterating confidence in the age where the current body standards are practically unattainable. There are some women who look some way and there are other women who look another way, like a whole other way.

And the way that the other women look, people love because they look like women, the British actress continued.

While looking good and being fit is one end of the spectrum, as an actress landing significant roles was equally crucial for the Khaleesi’s career. Clarke had her big break as Daenerys Targaryen on the hit HBO series only in 2011, at the age of 24. Before that she had two minor TV stints.

In the video, she guides young Emilia on the course of a grand yet arduous career filled with success and disappointment, and why she should still dare to dream. “There’s going to be times where someone says that dream that you’ve had, your entire life… the moment when someone says, ‘that’s not possible’, it is,” Clarke counsels.

The actress, who was in a relationship with Seth MacFarlane in 2013, also penned the pain of heartbreak in her touching letter. You’re going to feel some serious heartbreak. You’re going to feel some proper things, and the reason why it’s going to hurt so much is because, that heartbreak is going to make you doubt yourself.

However, the actress doesn’t stop at only highlighting the problems of teenage years. She goes on to suggest that despite all the discouragements, young Emilia is worth it all. But you are! (worth it) and there will be lots of people who will tell you you are worth it.

On a parting note, Clarke had an interesting advice for her younger self: Little Emilia, I’m just going to say, it’s autumn right now, but winter is coming,