Wednesday, January 19

Queen caught on camera telling off Prince William



The Duchess of Cambridge, Princess Charlotte, Prince George, the Duke of Cambridge, Queen Elizabeth II and the Duke of Edinburgh on the balcony of Buckingham Palace, in central London Much of the country tuned in to watch Trooping the Colour last weekend, to celebrate Her Majesty’s 90th birthday.

Dogs were dressed up and a rainy picnic was had in honour of Queen Elizabeth.

However, one detail during the celebrations was missed, and just recently emerged on the internet.

While they were on the balcony, the Queen was caught on camera apparently scolding her grandchild.

He was seated, and she had to ask him to stand up.

Seemingly abashed, the Duke of Cambridge stood up straight away.

The video has been shared by various accounts on social media, and has been retweeted thousands of times.

As a cherry on the cake, Prince George appeared to do a face-palm after the event.

If you watch closely, you can see the Queen speak. She appears to say: “Stand up, William”.

In case he didn’t hear her, she tapped him on the shoulder and did ‘stand up’ motion with her hand.

Thousands of people turned up to Buckingham Palace in order to celebrate with Her Majesty.

Princess Charlotte made her debut on the balcony, wearing matching vintage outfits with Prince George.

The Queen was radiant in bright green, and the merits of her clothing were subject to much social media debate.

This wasn’t the first time Prince William has been admonished by his grandmother.

He told Sky News, for documentary ‘The Queen At 90’ about a childhood incident which lead to him being scolded by Her Majesty.

The Duke recalled getting into trouble with his cousin Peter Phillips after riding a quad bike at Balmoral.

He said: “We were chasing Zara around who was on a go-cart, and Peter and I managed to herd Zara into a lamppost and the lamppost came down and nearly squashed her.

“I remember my grandmother being the first person out at Balmoral running across the lawn in her kilt.

“She came charging over and gave us the most almighty b******ing, and that sort of stuck in my mind from that moment on.”