Tuesday, May 17

EU referendum: Boris Johnson promises to publicly apologise if Brexit triggers recession



Boris Johnson has pledged to apologise in public if leaving the EU triggers a recession.

The former Mayor of London has rejected claims by the Remain camp and several economic experts that Britain would be plunged into an immediate recession if it votes to leave the EU on Thursday.

Chancellor George Osborne claimed Brexit would create a “DIY recession” and said he would be forced to introduce an emergency “Brexit budget” full of swingeing cuts.

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But speaking on LBC Mr Johnson denounced the warnings had been “induced by Project Fear” and said the Remain campaign were “talking the country down”.

When he was asked whether he would apologise he said: “Of course I will.

“This is far more important any individual political career or politician. I don’t think that London has anything to fear from coming out of the EU, this is the most extraordinary economy, and nor does Britain.

“Britain is the fifth biggest economy in the world, we have the opportunity to do new trade deals. When has our country ever gone wrong in believing in ourselves or our democratic institutions?”

He said he did not want to “be disparaging or critical of my friends in government,” but said it was “well known that there is an operation in Downing Street”.

He then accused of Remain side of using threats over Government contracts and the honours system as bribes to get businessmen and high profile figures to back Remain.

The MP for Uxbridge and Ruislip praised the “courage” of JCB chairman Anthony Bamford and entrepreneur James Dyson for backing Leave.

Following a small lift for the Remain side, the polls remain neck and neck with only one day of campaigning left.