Sunday, December 10

March for Europe: should remainers just let it go



A nationwide series of March for Europe rallies will be taking place in cities across the city on Saturday to demand keeping close ties with the continent.

Demonstrations will be held in London, Edinburgh, Birmingham, Oxford and Cambridge on the anniversary of the outbreak of the Second World War.

The marches are aimed at rallying support for keeping tight economic, cultural and social ties with the rest of Europe.

The protesters want to halt the Government formally invoking article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty – which triggers the two-year deadline to withdraw from the EU.

The march isn’t even under way yet, and protesters are already facing harsh criticism online from those who voted Leave.

The hashtag #MarchForEurope is trending on Twitter, but most of the comments are against the movement.

However, some Remain voters also feel it may be time to accept our fate.

But the organisers say it isn’t just about preventing Brexit, it’s about securing a fairer deal for the 48% who voted to remain, something that has been termed soft Brexit.

This comes after the Cabinet agreed immigration control would form a major part of Brexit negotiations, and ruled out a second referendum on the terms of withdrawal from the EU.

More supportive messages have started to build as the start time of the marches approaches, though.