Tuesday, May 17

Four records aim to Narendra Modi’s 66th birthday celebration



The 66th birthday of Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi to be celebrated in Navsari district today will be a momentous event as the government of India is eyeing three Guinness world records and one national record targeted by organisers.

The Indian prime minister visited Bangladesh in June 2015 when Dhaka and Delhi witnessed a record number of agreements being signed for a more close and cooperative relationship.

Diplomatic sources in Dhaka and New Delhi said, Modi’s visit to Bangladesh last year and the sentiments he expressed in favour of a close and cooperative relationship between our two countries have endeared to the people of Bangladesh.

We warmly wish him a very happy and memorable birthday at the helm of the largest democracy of the world.

In a major initiative in his home state Gujarat, Modi would distribute assistive aids and appliances in Navsari to 17,000 kits among 11,223 disabled people – the highest ever number in the world.

According to Indian media reports, the organisers aim to break a world record for maximum number of people in wheelchairs who form an image or a logo. The previous record was made in the US by 346 wheelchair-bound persons in 2010.

On Modi’s birthday, the new record will involve 1,000 people on wheelchairs. Lighting 1,000 oil lamps by differently-abled would be the first such attempt in the world. So far, the record of a formation by wheelchair-bound persons is held in US by 346 disabled people.

A new record will also be aimed at by providing hearing aids to 1,000 deaf people. The previous record was held in Australia when 500 persons were given hearing aids. The event will be monitored by officials from Guinness World Records.