Wednesday, January 26

The Police officer SECOND shocking altercation with young black man



A police officer allegedly filmed smashing a driver’s windscreen with a baton is accused of becoming involved in a second altercation with another black man after a new video surfaced.

In the new video, an officer stops Kyle Adair-Whyte as he pushes a damaged moped along the road and accuses him of stealing it.

The policeman handcuffs the 24-year-old man and tells him he suspects the moped has been used in “moped-enabled snatches” on the street.

Kyle alleges that the officer who stopped him is the same one who screamed at Leon Fontana to “get out of the car” before smashing his windscreen in dramatic footage that has been viewed more than 25m times on the internet.

The officer in that video is now subject to an IPCC inquiry and has been put on restricted duties after it emerged the man had a legal driving licence.

Kyle, a self-employed courier, claimed he was stopped two weeks earlier and detained for half an hour on September 4 near Haverstock Hill, north London.

In the video, Kyle tells the officer he hasn’t done anything wrong and he’s pushing the moped because it won’t start.

After he asks why he has been stopped, the officer replies: “Because you’re walking along the road with a moped that’s all smashed up.”

But Kyle denies that the moped is smashed up.

Before handcuffing him, the officer tells him: “Having stopped you I’ve become more suspicious because I’ve seen the state of the moped and I suspect it might be involved in moped-enabled snatches.

“So at the moment you’re staying here whilst I confirm or allay my suspicion.”

A Met Police spokesperson said: “The MPS is aware of the second video appearing on social media and its contents are being assessed.”

Father-of-two Kyle said he was left humiliated after the encounter.

Kyle said: “He is ignorant to how his actions affect society and unaware of people’s personal space.

“I was crossing the road with the bike and he wasn’t able to see any damage to the scooter.

Window smashing cop put on restricted duties as police reveal dramatic incident was case of mistaken identity

“He grabbed my wrist straight away and told me to stop before taking the keys out of my bike.”

Kyle admits he’s not perfect and was sentenced to two years in jail in 2013 for possessing a weapon and served 18 months.

He said: “I’m not an angel, I’ve done some silly things, but years later we should not have to suffer for it.

“We should be treated as normal members of society.”

Social enterprise 4FrontMedia works with young people to publicise the daily reality they live with.

Director Temi Mwale, 20, who made the video, said: “This is about the issue of stop and search – black people are being targeted.

“There is no relationship between young people and the police, there is a no confidence.”