Tuesday, July 16

Hollande urges UK to help resolve migrant crisis after visits Calais Jungle



The French president wants to move refugees to reception centres across France so that they can be provided asylum.

Francois Hollande visited Calais in northern France on Monday (26 September) just two days after laying out plans to close the Jungle camp that houses at least 9,000 refugees in the port city.

During the visit he said that the camp must be completely closed and urged the UK to play its part in resolving the refugee crisis.

Earlier on Saturday, the French president had said that the camp will be closed as migrants hope to cross the border and enter the UK in passing lorries, which has resulted in a number of deaths. He added that the migrants would be moved to reception centres across France.

He was criticised for the poor condition of the migrants mostly from Africa and the Middle East which Hollande himself agreed was unacceptable. The reception centres will hold 40 to 50 migrants for around four months while the officers deal with their applications.

However, the plan to resettle refugees across towns in France has not been well received by far right politicians and massive protests have been held against the move.

According to reports, migrants at the “Jungle” camp live in squalid conditions in the hope of reach the UK, hence the country is building a 1km wall along the main road to the port to prevent them from illegally making their way to England.

Earlier in the year, half of the camp was taken down and Hollande has vowed to demolish the rest of it as well. On Saturday, he promised to “completely dismantle” the camp and establish “reception and orientation centres” for asylum seekers. Refugees and migrants could apply for asylum and those who are not successful will be sent back.

We will provide a humane, dignified welcome to people who will file for the right of asylum, he said.