Sunday, December 10

Immigrant from Bulgaria and Romania rises to highest level on record in UK



Border Force officer The level of immigration from Romania and Bulgaria to the UK has risen to the highest level on record in the months following the Brexit referendum result, according to the Office for National Statistics.

Inward migration from the the so-called EU2 countries was up 19,000 to 74,000, which the ONS described as the highest estimate recorded.

The period measured by the statistics includes three months of data following the European Union referendum.

Net migration overall was slightly down but broadly flat in the figures at 273,000 a year, down 49,000. The ONS said this change was not statistically significant.

The rise in immigration from Bulgaria and Romania was partially offset by a fall in the number of migrants from the Ascension 8 countries like Poland, Latvia, and Lithuania a small fall of 10,000. Immigration from the rest of the EU was broadly flat.