Saturday, December 4

PM Urges Corbyn to agree on Brexit



Jeremy Corbyn has been urged to work with the Government to agree a compromise deal to break the Brexit deadlock.

Prime Minister Theresa May urged the Labour leader to put his differences aside, while International Development Secretary Rory Stewart said the ball was in Mr Corbyn’s court.

Mr Stewart told Sky News Sophy Ridge On Sunday: I think a deal can be done, a lot of this rests on, to be honest, one man: whether Jeremy Corbyn really wants to deliver a Brexit deal.

But I think if he wants to do it it will be actually surprisingly easy to do because our positions are very, very close.

The newly-appointed Cabinet minister also said his party was keen to get a good Brexit deal done as soon as possible, and conceded that the Government’s handling of Britain’s exit from the EU was responsible for his party’s drubbing at the local elections.

Labour and Conservatives at the moment are suffering from this whole Brexit thing tortuous, sort of endless, Brexit thing and we’ve got to get beyond it.

Mr Stewart also warned that if the Tories tried to outdo Nigel Farage then it could lose four million Conservative Remain-supporting voters.

We’ve got to be a broad party. We’ve got to be able to stretch all the way from Ken Clarke right the way through to Jacob Rees-Mogg.

He also confirmed that he would run to be the next prime minister when Mrs May stands down, but said: I am now so excited to be the International Development Secretary.

The Prime Minister, writing in the Mail on Sunday, issued a rallying cry to MPs urging them to support cross-party efforts to break the deadlock and get a deal through the Commons.

She said she understood why some of her colleagues found the decision to hold talks with Labour uncomfortable, and admitted it was not what she wanted either.

But she said the crushing blow voters delivered on both parties at the local elections had given fresh urgency to the need to end the impasse.

To the leader of the opposition, I say this: let’s listen to what the voters said in the elections and put our differences aside for a moment. Let’s do a deal, she wrote.

‘The future of the Conservative Party should be the moderate middle ground, not trying to out do the Brexit Party’ says Rory Stewart MP. #Ridge

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— Ridge on Sunday (@RidgeOnSunday) May 5, 2019

I negotiated with the EU what I believe is a very good deal for the UK a deal which allows us to genuinely take back control of our money and our laws.

The free movement of people will end giving us control of our own borders for the first time in decades.

However, I could not persuade enough of my colleagues to vote for the Withdrawal Agreement and, regrettably, I have to accept there is no sign of that position changing.

Elsewhere Brexit Party leader Mr Farage challenged Mr Corbyn to a debate ahead of the European elections, warning a deal between Labour and the Tories would be the final betrayal.