Saturday, December 4

UK death toll rises to over 15,000



The death toll of coronavirus patients in UK hospitals has passed 15,000.

As of 5pm on Friday, there had been 15,464 fatalities among Covid-19 patients, according to the Department of Health.

That was up 888 from the same time the day before. As of 9am on Saturday, 357,023 people have been tested for the virus, of which 114,217 tested positive.

Overall, 460,437 tests have concluded. There were 21,389 tests on Friday, excluding data from Northern Ireland.

It is feared the true toll of coronavirus victims may be far higher, with the numbers not accounting for deaths in the community. Care homes are not included in the figures, amid fears some 7,500 people could have died after catching Covid-19 in such environments.

The update comes as the UK faces its fourth weekend in lockdown, after the measures were extended for at least three more weeks earlier this week.