Tuesday, November 30

UK virus death toll rises by 360



The number of people whose coronavirus deaths have been recorded in the UK in the past day appears to be the lowest since March.

Across England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales, 360 people have died of Covid-19.

During the past 24 hours there have been 329 coronavirus deaths recorded in England, with people aged between 29 and 100 losing their lives. Of those 22, including the youngest, had no underlying health conditions.

London had the most deaths (87), followed by the Midlands (55), the North East and Yorkshire (55), the North West (41), the South East (38), the East of England (34) and the South West (19).

In Wales there are 9,280 confirmed cases – a 203 rise compared to yesterday – and a total of 796 people have now died of the coronavirus, which is an increase of eight in 24 hours.

It was reported earlier today that 13 more people have died from coronavirus in Scotland, bringing the country’s overall death toll to 1,262.

The Public Health Agency has reported a further 10 deaths of patients in Northern Ireland who had tested positive for coronavirus.

It brings the total number of Covid-19 linked deaths recorded by the agency to date to 309. Yesterday the death toll in the UK rose by 368, the lowest daily increase since March.

In the days prior to that however, between 700 and 850 deaths were recorded daily – suggesting the UK is not out of the woods yet.

Last Sunday the increase was 596, and a week before that it was 737. The figures published by NHS England show April 8 continues to have the highest number for the most hospital deaths occurring on a single day, with a current total of 857.

The prime minister stepped outside to deliver his first speech in public since fighting for his life against COVID-19 and being saved by NHS doctors and nurses.

Mr Johnson said social distancing must go on, otherwise the nation would risk “not only a new wave of death and disease, but also an economic disaster”.