Saturday, August 20

GBBO’s Nadiya Hussain on her arranged marriage and why she wouldn’t do it for her own children



Great British Bake Off winner Nadiya Hussain has opened up about her arranged marriage – and revealed she has no interest in choosing partners for her own children.

The star baker appeared on Loose Women where she gushed about her other half Abdal, who she married on the second day of meeting.

Nadia, who transformed from stay-at-home mum to culinary and cultural icon after appearing on last year’s series, told the panel: “I spoke to my husband for about six months, never met him.

“We were introduced by our fathers and the first day we met was the day we got engaged. The second day we met was the day we got married.”

Turning to a screen to look at a picture of her handsome hubby, Nadiya grinned: “Yeah, he’s alright.”

She continued: “I did see a couple of pictures but that was 11 years ago, there was no Facebook.”

The happily-married 31-year-old, who got hitched at 19, continued: “You have to actually live with someone to know what they are really like. That was a battle in itself.

“It took me a year before I really knew what he was like. 11 years later, I’m still figuring it out,” she smiled.

And while she’s very happily married, when asked if she would arrange marriages for her own children, Nadiya said: “Unlikely. I like my kids to go out there.

“It’s very different to what my life was 11 years ago. I do not need the hassle of finding them a husband or a wife.”

Nadiya has been praised for her appearance on the panel, with one viewer writing on Twitter: “Nadiya is amazing! So funny.”

© Provided by Mirror Another said: “What a great woman Nadiya is. Love her.”

“@loosewomen Nadiya comes across as so natural and lovely,” another said.

“I would love Nadiya to become a regular on Loose Women. Such a lovely funny woman. Brilliant debut,” another added.

One viewer wrote on Twitter: “@loosewomen keep Nadia Hussein on the panel refreshing addition.”