Wednesday, May 25

How many girls do you see?



This new photo is tearing the internet apart. It seems no one can agree on how many girls are shown in this photo.

In the latest edition of the unceasing series of online illusions comes Swiss photographer Tiziana Vergari, who shared the following picture on Instagram last week, reports Mashable.

With 16.5 million likes and over 700 comments, this photo is tinkering the minds of onliners who are trying to work out how many girls there actually are in the photo.

Is it three? Four? Two? Identical twins? Where exactly is the mirror? No one can quite agree.

Vergari herself has since taken to the comments to clear things up. The photo does indeed show two sisters, both of whom are looking into mirrors (the nearest girl is looking into a mirror that’s just out of shot of the camera, which adds to the confusion).