Tuesday, May 24

This is how to see everyone who has ever rejected you on Facebook



While there may be a few that are still fresh in your mind, you can now see all the people in the history of Facebook who decided they didn’t want to accept your friendship online, and clicked to reject your request.

If you’re in the mood to unnecessarily torture yourself, the trick is quick and easy to do, and will reveal a list of all the people that either ignored or rejected your friend requests in a matter of seconds.

Here’s how to do it:

1. First, hover over the toolbar at the top of Facebook and click on the Friend Requests icon.

2. Your friend requests box will pop up. At the bottom, click “See all.”

3. Click “View Sent Requests” towards the top left of the page.

Once the offending list has been revealed, you can either celebrate the fact that no one has ever rejected you, or restrain yourself from sending out some angry, bitter and resentful messages over the website’s messaging service.

You’ll also, almost certainly, want to withdraw any requests that have been pending for the past five years.

Who needs friends anyway?