Tuesday, July 16

Airbus unveils futuristic new cabin concept



The aircraft maker has presented a new concept in cabin design, branded “Airspace by Airbus.”

Airspace by Airbus” is a new-generation cabin design that airlines can customise with their own services and comfort levels. The concept aims to give passengers more room, whether travelling first class or economy.

The interior features wider seats with more under-seat foot space for passengers to stretch out in. Overhead storage bins have been made larger too, with more space for passenger luggage.

The new design features a lighting system specially developed to promote a feeling of well-being. This uses technology such as LED lamps, for example. The plane is lit with a relaxing ambient light, echoed in the minimalist lines of the futuristic feeling cabin. This calming environment continues into lavatories, where passengers are greeted with ambient sounds and diffused aromas, helping them feel at ease. The lavatory areas are also made with antibacterial surfaces.

The new design features a specially developed lighting system that promotes a feeling of well-being.

Another important element of passenger comfort is onboard entertainment. Kiran Rao, Airbus executive vice president of marketing & strategy, talks of “fourth-generation in-flight entertainment,” with several hundred movies available to watch plus new connectivity systems.

Airbus has several manufacturing bases in France, Germany, the UK and Spain. The firm makes aircraft with capacities ranging from 100 to over 600 passengers.

Check out the new “Airspace by Airbus” cabin in this promotional video.