Wednesday, August 10

Dhaka continues to reel under heat: Sylhet swims in water after heavy overnight rains



While Sylhet swims in water after heavy overnight rains, Dhaka continues to sizzle under extreme heat and humid weather, with the Bangladesh capital recording 37 degrees Celsius temperature.

Dhaka city had only traces of rain in its northern suburbs on April 16 and the city has been in the grip of a prolonged heat wave condition that saw its highest temperature of 39 degree C on Sunday since the current spell of heat set in on April 6.

Meanwhile, Sylhet recorded heavy overnight rains measuring 109mm till 6am yesterday that further swelled its rivers Surma and Kushiyara causing flash floods in the low lands of Sylhet and Sunamganj, flooding Boro rice fields awaiting harvesting, reports available from the north east said.

Heavy rains and water from the hills across the border have already swelled the north eastern rivers sweeping over the haors (wetlands) where Boro rice is planted at the onset of the dry season in Sylhet, Sunamganj, Habiganj and MaulviBazar districts.

But this season, the story is different. The northeast continued to have rains at a time when the rest of the country burned under a fiery heat wave that saw the mercury going up to 40 or 41 Degree C in the north western plains.

A trader died of heat stroke in southern Jhalkathi in the severe heat wave in south western Jessore and Chuadanga where the temperature varied between 37 to 41 degree Celsius. Diseases like diarrhoea, pnumonia and viral fever are affecting people, including children, said reports.

According to a report in The Independent TV yesterday, quoting figures from the Jessore Sadar Hospital, over 800 people have been treated from this region during the past fortnight as the heat started taking its toll.

More than 300 people were admitted to the Pabna General Hospital in the past one week, mostly complaining of diarrhoea and other heat related troubles. In the worst hit Chuadanga, where the mercury went over 41 degree C from 38

degree C in the past two weeks, people were facing untold miseries while coping with the spate of heat related diseases. In its forecast for April, the Meteorological Department had said that rains will be normal average but this has not been the case and the country is undergoing a spell of drought.

Instead of rain bearing Norwesters, tornado’s and cyclones that brews overland and in the sea, the deadly weather phenomenon have betrayed their natural seasonal births and belied the forecasts of professional meteorologists who these days work with satellites and radars for accuracy around the globe.

People from all walks of life are suffering due to the blazing sun and the heat with excessive humidity. School going children are also affected. Frequent load shedding has made matters worse. The question that seems to be on everyone’s minds is how long will it take for the rains to come and wash away the heat?

Senior Meteorologist, Sadequl Alam, said that there is no chance till the end of April. Rains may come only in early May, hopefully, on the second or third day of the next month.

Till then, the heat wave will continue to blaze through till the rains come on the wings of the dark clouds of the monsoon that starts from the first week of June, according to Meteorologists at Dhaka Met Office.