Thursday, November 30

Nadiya Hussain defends the birthday cake she made for The Queen: ‘I don’t care what people think’



While the Queen seemed impressed with Hussain’s effort, many viewers took to Twitter to brand the three-tiered cake wonky.

Speaking on Loose Women on Friday, the Great British Bake Off winner insisted that she ‘couldn’t care less’ about the criticism. If I cared about what people said, I would never leave my house, she told the panel.

So you know what? Actually I couldn’t care less. Talking about what it was like to meet the monarch, Hussain admitted that she ‘freaked out’ a little bit.

“It went really, really well…. I did say, ‘good morning, Your Majesty,’ then I said, ‘happy birthday, Your Majesty, it’s afternoon!’”

I did freak out a little bit. I only got two minutes with her but I thought in those two minutes she’s really nice.

Hussain’s cake, which was presented to The Queen live on television during her 90th birthday celebrations last week, was met with mixed review from the public on Twitter.

Disappointed with Nadiya’s cake.. Wonky, iced terribly and just plain boring. Not fit for the queen at all! #Queenat90,” wrote one person.

Another asked: “Nadiya was that cake meant to be wonky?”

“Feeling so sorry for Nadiya Hussain being criticised for her wonky cake – she’s an amateur baker and she was asked! #QueensBirthday,” wrote someone else.

Hussain has just landed her own travel cookery show for the BBC, called The Chronicles of Nadiya.