Wednesday, May 25

Which one is more harmful: Mosquito or mosquito coil

Dr Nowsheen Sharmin Purabi: Recently a research report shows that, in most of the mosquito coils consumed in Bangladesh contain active ingredient more than acceptable standard rate.

As per World Health Organisation, qualities of a good standard coil is safety for human health as well as domestic animals. The highest quantity of applicable insecticide per square meter is also determined by the organisation. But the mosquito coils consumed in Bangladesh are being manufactured and marketed without the compliance with standard criteria and mixing excessive poisonous ingredients.

How do we come to the contact of poisonous chemical ingredients? The smoke of the coil withers away and mixes with the air of the house where we breath. They are being mixed with the dusts of home. We swallow them along with the foods we take if we do not wash our hands with soap after handling coils. Sometimes it is absorbed by our skin.

All types of people may be affected by its harmful effects, especially the developing embryos and children whose immune system has not been developed perfectly or weak become more victimised.

Due to the harmful effects of the poisonous chemical ingredients, the child in the uterus may born with different physical defects such as cleft lip, cleft palate, nervous disorders and cardiac diseases.

Due to the harmful effects, female reproductive capacity may reduce and poses abortion risk. Sometimes, it leads to premature delivery and premature child.

There are also bad effects on male reproductive health. When these chemicals enter into our body, it may cause cough, asthma and skin problems.

Lungs, liver, kidney may be damaged. In some cases it may cause cancer. Different problems of nervous system such as weakness, short sight, arrhythmia and headache may manifest.

Doctors should keep in mind the issue of excessive exposures to insecticides along with other causes when patients come with complain of vomiting and headache.

The remedy should come from the three levels, such as individual, social and state level.

At first I myself will be conscious. We will keep our houses and surrounding neat and clean, in case of necessity we will use mosquito net, block the ways through which the mosquitoes enter and avoid the coils having no approval of BSTI whatever cheap it is.

Different concerned government departments should provide the quality services with more attention. The mosquito control medicine should be sprayed at a regular interval. The medicine should not be sprayed on water.

Above all, BSTI should take the highest precautionary measures in quality control and accordingly the clearance certificate should be issued. The law enforcing agencies and judicial department have to play their roles responsibly. We have to work together to ensure good health.