Monday, December 11

The Bangladeshi governments policies are like the Muslim Brotherhood and ISIS



After Mendi Safadi made headlines in Bangladesh after meeting with BNP Opposition Leader Aslam Chowdhury, a meeting that resulted in Bangladeshi officials accusing Safadi of being a Mossad agent and in Chowdhury being arrested for allegedly seeking to overthrow the Bangladesh government, Safadi once again is attacking the Bangladeshi government for its mistreatment of dissidents and minorities.

According to him, despite the Awami League governments’ claims that they are secular democrats, their policies towards Hindus are similar to those of the Muslim Brotherhood and even ISIS.

After Mendi Safadi, the head of the Safadi Center for Public Diplomacy and International Relations, recently made headlines in Bangladesh after meeting with BNP Opposition Leader Aslam Chowdhury, a meeting that resulted in Bangladeshi officials accusing Safadi of being a Mossad agent and in Chowdhury being arrested for allegedly seeking to overthrow the local government there, Safadi is once again on the offensive against the Bangladeshi government, insisting that despite claims made in the West, the Awami League government is not the secular government that it claims to be: “Most of the terror organizations are disguised under different umbrellas, some of which are charitable organizations that operate through this mechanism in order to recruit young poor jihadists and some are covered under a political umbrella that operates under a written platform and on the ground implements the opposite. This policy is led by the Muslim Brotherhood.”

According to him, “We see this in many incidents such as the Muslim Brotherhood government in Egypt winning the right to rule the country, even though they took part in many terror attacks. Hamas leads the government in Gaza and all of its branches are dedicated to waging terror against Israeli targets. The Islamic Movement of Raed Salah presents itself as a charitable organization and its members implement terror attacks in Israel.

There are those that upgrade their radicalism and join ISIS. A major issue in the world today is the ethnic cleansing in Bangladesh under the Awami League government. Despite the misleading platform of the Awami League government, its present policies are also those of the Muslim Brotherhood and ISIS when every day there is a new massacre against the Hindu minority within the country that is implemented by the government or by the ISIS group that has entered into the country in recent months with the consent of the government.”

Safadi stressed that activists who seek for a mosaic of religions to coexist have been arrested in recent days, among them Islam Sohadari and Cuzi Aziz for the crime of attending an event in support of the Hindu community, where they met an Israeli and spoke about peaceful coexistence for the Hindu community: “They were accused of having contact with a foreign official and joining the Mossad despite the fact that there is no official connection between this official and the Mossad.”

“The Awami League dominates Bangladesh as a result of rigged elections,” Safadi proclaimed. “Also the UN did not recognize the legitimacy of the last elections and stated that they were forged but this thing did not stop the government from continuing to massacre and to drive out minorities from the country while presenting themselves as democrats while presiding over the death of ethnic groups subject to their authority.

In the last week or so, dozens of Hindus were killed for the crime of not being Muslim. A human rights organization in New York has not succeeded to obtain any information on the detained political prisoners and there is no sign of one of them after being arrested along the Indian border, where they disappeared without a trace.”

Mendi Safadi views it to be very important for Israel to strengthen relations with India and he very much supports the Hindu minority: “The conduct of discriminatory governments like the one in Syria and Bangladesh is not new to me.

I had the opportunity to meet with Islam Sohari, where we had small talk, mainly about the activities for minorities and for religious coexistence in Bangladesh. I congratulated him on this and this was enough for the radical government in Bangladesh to arrest him, to accuse him of having contact with a foreign official, and of being a Mossad member.

I regret that countries that suppress their people still exist in the 21st century and that the world does not make any sanctions against them. Islam Sohari like Nelson Mandela is a fighter for freedom and democracy for his people while utilizing democratic means without any attempt to use violence on his part.

The country where he was born and raised contributed greatly to violence and put him behind bars. It is difficult to understand this for I live in a democratic state that has freedom of opinion and I can express my views without fear.

In many countries around the world, expressing opinions can cause one to have a prolonged detention and even to die.”