Saturday, December 4

Horoscopes: your week ahead




At work you stick to your guns, your opinions are bold and your choices are definitive. Never mind if things turn against you as you’re an opponent to be wary of and can stick up for yourself!

It is possible that an old romantic or friendly correspondent will come back into your life, you’d better prepare yourself over the weekend for this situation in a calm manner.


There’s a creative vitality inside you that lights up your personality, you attack head first any obstacles that are presented to you even if some people disapprove of the way you go about things.

In order to forget your daily obligations, you look for mystery in your partner, someone who does and talks about interesting things. You’re not easily deceived!


Mercury presents you with the way to get out of a tricky situation. You’re the person to call if there is ever a last minute emergency.

You’ve always got a trick up your sleeve. It’s really on a professional level that exchanges are serious and constructive. Those who had withdrawn may come back to you or others to rally their point of view.


You do what you want. You have difficulty balancing your busy lifestyle and staying carefree. You live intensely in the present and you savour the pleasures that are offered to you.

Despite little tensions in the family, you will feel supported by your partner and this means you can hold it together. Together you feel as strong as Hercules!


Your dynamic personality acts as a motor to spur on those around you who are more withheld or sceptic. Even if you have to bend over backward to get there, you’re on the right path to success… Stick at it!

If you’re single you may find yourself the object of a charming and delicate love declaration, and one that you can’t resist! If you’re in a relationship, you avoid complications at all costs.


Despite a difficult occurrence you have vivacity in your spirit. Luckily for you, things around you are all a bit up in the air so you can keep your bubbly energy!

The fussy side of your personality that you’ll never admit to having is coming back… It is likely to shine through with financial matters this week and potentially create problems.


You start on a contrastive phase whilst not forgetting your responsibilities and obligations but don’t take on too much or you’ll struggle under the stress.

If you’re single now is the best time to find a partner (if you don’t already have your eye on someone). If you’re in a couple you’ll reseal links that were coming loose and find more points in common. This love is reassuring for you.


You’ve decided to go about this week with a new attitude to life! Even if you’re sometimes you need to check your behaviour, everyone knows that really you know how to respect yourself.

In your social life you can be quite loud, but be careful, not everyone has the same sense of humour as you! Your sarcasm can sometimes hurt people’s feelings even if you meant it as a joke.


This is a time of transition. You can make the most of this week in a useful manner by getting rid of anything that’s holding you back before starting on a new task.

A little too confident in your powers of seduction, whatever you decide you want to do, your other half must follow you… ask them for their opinion first because even their patience has its limits… You’ve been a little too lucky in love in the past and therefore now you can ask for too much.


You’ve grown impatient from feeling that you don’t have enough influence over the way situations turn out and from this you can be known to lose your temper… Control it or risk falling behind.

You have a good sense for your responsibilities and are very attentive to those you’re close to. You like to be discrete and make a point of giving without necessarily looking for praise in return.


You can express yourself well. You’re able to get across your enthusiasm to those you interact with. Your sharp mind can adapt quickly to new situations.

You get on well with those who share your beliefs about human existence and how it came about. If you’re in a relationship your minds are in sync but your bodies are lagging behind: your impulses are not devoid of passion.


New projects stimulate you, be them personal or professional. Make the most of Monday and Tuesday to alight new ideas, people will want to discuss the future with you.

A lot of family responsibilities this week alongside bad organisation means you lose sight of yourself. Look again and rethink your busy schedule if you don’t want things to spiral out of control.