Tuesday, May 17

Angry Man Who Told Muslim Woman To Speak English Gets Brilliantly Corrected



Tom Bradbury, a 26-year-old events organiser, described how he witnessed the “perfect” moment a niqab-clad woman was defended from a man who confronted her for not speaking English.

In a post on Facebook, Bradbury said the Muslim woman was sat playing with her toddler son, speaking to him in another language while on a rail replacement service between Newport and Cwmbran, in south Wales.

As she chatted to her child, an aggrieved fellow passenger sat in front of them turned around to challenge her.

“When you’re in the UK you should really be speaking English,” he demanded.

The response from another woman passenger would have certainly come as a shock – as she revealed the lady was in fact speaking…Welsh.

Bradbury told The Huffington Post UK after his post went viral that he was “surprised” to hear the angry passenger “come out and say something like that so directly”.

But when the Muslim woman responded – immediately, he recalled -“it made the few of us in the surrounding seats laugh”.

The instigator, Bradbury continued, “seemed to shrivel up a little bit and mumble something to himself, but stayed quiet afterwards”.

When Nigel Farage complained about the number of foreign languages spoken on public transport in Britain he probably didn’t imagine the following scenario: