Sunday, December 5

Court has ordered the unqualified medicines withdrawal from the market



The High Court on Monday ordered withdrawal of drugs of 34 pharmaceuticals as their medicines appeared sub-standard, court officials said.

The two-member bench of the High Court delivered the judgment in a public interest litigation case,” an official of the court said, reports bss.

He said all drugs of 20 pharmaceuticals companies and all antibiotic medicines produced by 14 other companies came under the preview of the judgment delivered by Justice Salma Masud Chowdhury and Justice Kazi Md. Ejarul Haque Akondo.

“The bench directed the government to stop production of all medicines of 20 drug companies and antibiotic medicines of the 14 others finding those to be sub-standard in terms of qualities,” he said.

The judgment came after hearing on a writ petition filed by Advocate Manjil Morshed of Human Rights and Peace for Bangladesh.