Wednesday, August 10

EU is sleep walking off a cliff: Greek PM warns Brussels must change course to survive



The country is facing a third bail out since 2010 as it tries desperately to cut its debt and implement rules to help kick start it out of recession.

But Mr Tsipras has accused Germany of acting as Europe’s savings bank stockpiling excessive surpluses while at the same time freezing wages and keeping inflation low on purpose.

And Prime Minister Tsipras says Britain’s decision to quit the EU is indicative of growing disquiet of citizens across the bloc.

Now he is demanding German leaders do an about turn and stop sitting on its surplus or face the beginning of the end of the EU.

The Prime Minister also said the EU was sleepwalking towards a cliff by sticking to austerity rules.

The people of Greece are furiously angry over their continued crisis

We are not simply seeking, we are demanding Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras

And that huge inequalities among member states is causing ructions and are directly responsible for the unemployment rate which is 23.5 percent.

He also said he hoped the International Monetary Fund would honour the terms of a debt relief deal by the end-2016 so that its economy could recover.

Greece has been attempting to steady the ship and has for the first time attained a primary budget surplus outwith its debt-servicing obligations.

The country has adopted a hard line approach introducing tax rises and pension cuts as well as weakening its labour laws.

They are also struggling to cope with the influx of migrants from Africa, the Middle East as well as Asia.

Mr Tsipras told Sunday newspaper Realnews: Greece has kept its part of the agreement and expects the same from its partners.

We are not simply seeking, we are demanding and expecting specific measures that will render debt sustainable as part of the deal we are implementing.

Brexit will either awaken European leaderships or it will be the beginning of the end of the EU.

If German Finance Minister Wolfgang) Schaueble’s dogma for a multi-speed Europe and economic zones of low-cost labor is not abandoned, Europe will be brought to the brink of dissolution.