Sunday, July 21

Mobility Scooter Drivers baffled by pensioner’s 8mph on motorway where chase ever by police



Took a wrong turn somewhere? Drivers were stunned to see a wayward pensioner ripping up the motorway hard shoulder on his mobility scooter last Friday, albeit at the gentle rate of just 8 mph.

Police were flooded with calls when awestruck motorists spotted the male rider pootling along the M621 in West Yorkshire at the height of the weekend rush hour.

A West Yorkshire Police spokesman said: “An officer was dispatched to the scene and ‘helped and advised’ the man.

“The incident happened at about 5.46pm. No one is thought to have been injured in the incident.”

The maximum speed limit for mobility scooters and powered wheel chairs is 8mph on British roads, according to government rules.

The mobility aids are specifically banned from motorways and cycle lanes. Users are also encouraged to avoid dual carriageways with speed limits in excess of 50mph.

This petrol-head pensioner will no doubt check road signs more carefully in future.