Thursday, December 7

Unmasked: the woman who kept sex slave in home with husband



This is the face of the woman behind one of Northern Ireland’s most shocking sex abuse cases.

Caroline Baker was unmasked yesterday after a legal challenge by media organisations in Ireland and the UK.

Earlier this week the 54-year-old was handed a three-year sentence for her part in subjecting a disabled woman to horrific sexual assaults.

Baker and her husband Keith abused their victim, who had severe learning difficulties, keeping her prisoner in a filthy room for years. Until yesterday a court order banned the media from publishing Caroline Baker’s face.

But reporting restrictions were lifted after a joint challenge by the Belfast Telegraph, the BBC, UTV and the Sunday World.

Olivia O’Kane from Carson McDowell solicitors, who led the challenge, welcomed the ruling.

The notion that justice must be seen to be done is of significant importance, and the media in acting as the public watchdog, took a media application in this case to ensure that the public could be fully informed, she said.

The role of the media has particular importance in ensuring the administration of justice is transparent and publicly administered.

It has emerged the PSNI may have stumbled upon the shocking case almost by accident when they were called out to a domestic row back in January 2013.