Monday, July 15

Police warning over fake £5 notes just six months after launch of new fivers



Police have warned shoppers to lookout for counterfeit versions of the polymer £5 note just six months after the new fivers entered circulation.

Officers warned the public to be on the lookout for fake banknotes after they were spotted in Wadebridge, Cornwall.

Dorset Police had issued a similar warning in February saying counterfeit notes were found in circulation near Poole.

The new warning comes just six months after the new £5 note was launched by the Bank of England.

It is stronger than its predecessor and boasts new security features which the Bank of England said makes it harder to counterfeit.

PCSO Pete Sobye, of Wadebridge police, said: “If you find yourself in possession of a fake £5 note, contact your bank. Or if you have been given a number of these as payment, contact police on 101.

The old paper fiver and the new £5 note have co-existed since the polymer banknote was first issued by the Bank of England.

But British shoppers have until May 5 to spend paper £5 notes before they lose their legal tender status.

The new banknote has been controversial after it emerged that traces of animal-derived additives were used in its production.

In September this year, the Bank will issue a new £10 polymer note featuring author Jane Austen, recognising her universal appeal and enduring contribution to English literature.