Sunday, December 10

Queen Elizabeth II has a secret Facebook account



The Queen of England, Elizabeth II herself, is on Facebook. Seriously.

No, not the official ‘The British Monarchy’ page which made its debut back in 2010, but a super secret one for Elizabeth herself.

According to MailOnline, the Queen has a deeply private personal account, with a secret friend list.

Like her mother, Elizabeth II reportedly loves chatting away on the phone.

But unlike her mother, our Queen is up to speed with the latest tech, including a lightweight smartphone.

She’s also been said to be able to text on it.

The encrypted mobile is reportedly one of the most sophisticated in the world. It’s allegedly impervious to hackers.

The two people she reportedly chats to the most are Princess Anne, her daughter, and John Warren, her horse-racing guru and son-in-law of the Queen’s great friend, the late Earl of Caenarvon.

You might not have heard of him, but you will probably recognise his house, Highclere Castle in Berkshire – it’s the real Downton Abbey.

Angela Kelly, her P.A., keeps the phone charged at all times so the Queen never has to shout round the palace for an iPhone cable.

She also has a laptop, and even an iPad…

Devastatingly, the Queen is not on Twitter – but the popular parody account, @Queen_UK is.

We’d like to imagine her updates would be this sassy…

One can only imagine what her Facebook posts must be like.