Wednesday, November 29

Man Divorces Wife On WhatsApp After Four Weeks of Marriage



A man has managed to not just dump his wife by text – but actually DIVORCE her.

The 21-year-old man used free messaging service WhatsApp to legally separate from his new wife – meaning he didn’t even have to pay anything to end their marriage.

He sent the text saying he was divorcing his wife in India, and was moving to Dubai without her.

J Prameela Devi, a member of the state women’s commission adalat, told the Times of India: ‘He said she was like an apple and he had already tasted it.

So he did not want her any more. Before anyone gets any bright ideas that they can get out of a marriage using an app – the man in question divorced his wife under Islamic law.

A ‘talaq’ divorce means the man only has to pronounce ‘I divorce you’ in Arabic.

However, there is now some uncertainty whether using the phrase via WhatsApp makes the divorce valid. Islamic scholars are divided as to whether WhatsApp is actually a legal document, with some stating that the divorce should be carried out in person.

B Sugathakumari, former chairperson of the state women’s commission said: ”I don’t think a normal youth can act in this manner. The commission should provide protection and legal aid to the girl and her mother.