Saturday, December 4

Which supermarket cheaper than rival stores



A Mirror survey of everyday products including milk, pasta, chicken, rice and cheese found the Aldi bill came to £13.01 – over a fiver less than Sainsbury’s where it cost £18.40.

The same items were £16.05 at Asda, £17.88 at Morrisons and £17.62 at Tesco.

Our survey follows a Trussell Trust report that revealed one in five parents will skip a meal this summer to make sure the kids don’t go hungry.

We found a pack of two chicken breast fillets (300g) cost £1.79 at Aldi but was £3 at Morrisons and £2.95 at Sainsbury’s.

Wholewheat pasta (500g) cost 49p at Aldi but was more double the price at Asda where it cost £1.

And a 400g punnet of strawberries came to £1.29 at the budget chain but was £2 at Tesco.

Out of 15 weekly essentials, Aldi was the cheapest for 12, more expensive for one and the same price as other stores for two items.

Morrisons was the cheapest supermarket for value orange squash but Sainsbury’s was the most expensive for pasta sauce, rice and squash.

Asda and Morrisons matched Aldi on price for rice while budget baked beans cost the same at Aldi and Asda.Tony Baines, joint Managing director of corporate buying at Aldi, said: Families are incredibly important to us and are the backbone of our business.

Therefore, we pride ourselves on offering households quality products at everyday low prices, which are available and accessible for all to buy.

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