Saturday, December 4

London Russell Square attack: Israeli woman injured in London stabbing attack



A knife-wielding man began attacking pedestrians at London’s Russell Square, murdering an American woman and injuring an additional five people, one of whom is an Israeli citizen. The suspect was arrested, but his motives behind the attack are still unknown. According to the local police: “We are examining the possibility that this could have been a terror attack.”

Sky News is reporting that an Israeli citizen was among the injured from last night’s stabbing attack at London’s Russell Square. She is apparently in stable condition. An American citizen was murdered and five other people were injured in the attack, including a Spanish and Australian citizen.

The 19-year-old stabber is a Norwegian citizen of Somali background and he was arrested after a police officer neutralized him with a Taser gun.

London law enforcement officials said that they haven’t found any evidence that would lead them to believe that this was a terror attack, adding that the background behind the stabber’s actions was most likely his unstable mental health: “Preliminary findings indicate that the issue of his mental state is a factor.”