Thursday, December 7

Couple handed £70 parking fine while cleaning their vehicle



A couple in Nottingham were shocked when a parking attendant issued them with a parking fine while they were cleaning the car in question with a valid permit.

Swayne Smith, 46, was hovering the car when a traffic warden began inspecting the vehicle, and according to Smith and his girlfriend, Lorenda Simpson, the officer didn’t follow the correct procedure.

The permit was partially covered by a plastic bag when the attendant arrived, but the couple say that the warden should take five minutes before giving the vehicle a fine or talk to the owner if they are in attendance and request them to move it.

Simpson filmed the incident on her phone, and captured the moment when the warden admitted he couldn’t see the permit before issuing the £70 fine.

Speaking to the Daily Mail, Simpson said: “He didn’t even talk to Swayne before putting the details in. I thought they were supposed to at least acknowledge the driver instead of issuing a ticket straight away.”