Tuesday, November 30

Sainsbury’s says sorry as protesters stage kiss in at store where gay couple were ejected



Dozens of demonstrators have staged a friendly protest at a London Sainsbury’s local after a gay couple were ejected for holding hands.

Thomas Rees and his partner Joshua Bradwell were shopping in the Hackney Road store when a security guard told them that their behaviour was inappropriate.

The ensuing backlash led to around 200 people heading to the store on Saturday evening to stage a mass ‘kiss in’.

To the bigot who complained about my bf & I holdin hands & the security guard at @sainsburys who felt the need to ‘talk’ to us outsideDozens of men and women joined in, with Mr Bradwell describing the number of people who came along as ‘insane’.

We were right to be holding hands because when someone questions your behaviour in such a direct manner you can’t help but analyse how you are perceived by society.

When your community come behind and say ‘you were right and you are right’, all that does is amplify your feelings. We were right to complain and do what we’ve done and fight those people who said we were wrong.

Most of the shoppers in the store were described as bemused but at least one detractor shouted out ‘get off my street’. Mr Rees said that since the story of the couple’s treatment was first reported, they have received messages of support from all around the worldSainsbury’s laid on cookies and water. It’s been a really great even and an important opportunity for the community to show their support. a spokesman said.