Tuesday, May 24

Is love worth $100? Brooklyn Bridge padlocks lead to fines



If you’re thinking of attaching a “love lock” on the Brooklyn Bridge be warned: There’ll be a price to pay.

New York City officials on Friday announced a $100 fine for proclaiming your undying love with a padlock on the famous span.

Officials removed hundreds of locks and placed signs on the bridge’s pedestrian walk warning violators of the fine.

But the signs aren’t without humor. One says “No lock, yes lox” with a picture of a crossed out padlock and a bagel and lox.

Last year, 11,000 locks were removed to a tune of $116,000.

The locks are a trend seen around the world. They can pose safety and structural hazards, as happened in Paris in 2014 when a section of bridge fencing collapsed under the weight of the locks.