Wednesday, May 25

A old woman sells new plastic five pound note for £1699


A grandmother hopes to cash in on the new five pound note craze to pay for a dream Christmas for her family.

Gail Meikle has put one of the plastic fivers up for sale online after spotting what she believes is a slight misprint in the banknote.

The eBay auction ends at 10pm on Friday, and the 51-year-old catering worker has so far had one bid for the asking price of £1,699, the Liverpool Echo reported .

Gail, from Bromborough Pool, Wirral, said she hoped it was a genuine buyer, and plans to put the money towards Christmas with her daughter Samantha, 25, and granddaughter Naomi, six.

She said it would end 2016 on a high after being diagnosed with bowel cancer earlier this year.

She said: “I didn’t expect to make any profit from one but a taxi driver was talking about how much they were worth and I realised I had one, which another taxi driver from a different firm gave me in my change.

“It’s absoutely mad, there must be thousands out there with a misprint and everybody also seems to be looking out for the AK serial numbers.”

On her eBay page, Gail writes: “Very Rare £5 note, printing error just below queens head, a line of 5’s below line and other out of linements, AK09. Wxcellent condition, passed 2 hands, no marks, slight soft crease only but very good condition.”

She said another fiver with what appeared to be a printing error recently sold for £1,945.

The new note is printed on polymer, which is a thin plastic resistant to dirt and moisture, and is expected to last 2.5 times longer than current paper notes.

New fivers with early serial numbers such as AA have been selling for hundreds of pounds on bidding sites, and notes starting with AK47 have also proved popular.

Gail is also selling one of the notes with the serial number AA01, which has a starting price of £250.

She said: “Earlier on this year I was diagnosed with bowel cancer and I had a major operation in May. I’ve got the all clear but it’s been a really tough year.

“Any money it makes will go towards the family. Everyone struggles at this time of year but it will make sure we can have a nice Christmas.

“It reminds me of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory with the golden ticket!”