Monday, March 4

AL President Sheikh Hasina and General Secretary Obaidul Qader elected



The last 8th times elected and for the next three years in a row as one of the oldest political party in the subcontinent, has been re-elected Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina of the Awami League president. For the first time, has been elected as the general secretary of the Awami League presidium member of the minister Mr. Obaidul Qader.

Sunday afternoon around 5 pm 0 th National Conference on the second day of the current committee aligera away from the stage and sat down in a row councilor party president Sheikh Hasina and formar general secretary Syed Ashraful Islam.

Sajeda Chowdhury proposed to Sheikh Hasina, the name of the president and the general secretary Syed Ashraful Islam proposed name to bridge minister Kader as a general secretary of the AL. In the meantime, the election commissioner, Advocate Yusuf Hossain Humayun support this proposal was supported by the councilors present.

The councilors of the ruling Awami League president Sheikh Hasina told you, I have a life to lead. It is not possible. I think it has given me the responsibility that I’ve met.

She brought the party to power in the second round. We have formed three times, three times prime minister said. You gave me respect. I think my job is done. However, the present councilors say a loud no-no-no.

Awami League general secretary position of minister sees himself as a reward for hard work. He is the highest achievement of his political career and see it as the highest recognition.

Monday after being elected general secretary of the Awami League president’s Dhanmondi political office, he said at a briefing. He said, ‘I’ve got my work and rewards. We have received the highest recognition of my political life. “

Who said that many people think I am responsible for the road. How to run the team. But I do not think the minister himself. Now is better for me. On the one hand I know the road to see her suffer with the grassroots leaders.

The new general secretary of the Awami League, Sheikh Mujibur Rahman’s daughter, the daughter of the mighty Bengalis, Bengalis Suryakanya Sheikh Hasina, the highest recognition of my political life, he has given me the greatest recognition. I am grateful to my political parents and to the leader. I do not know the language to express her gratitude.

Sheikh Hasina will try to impress the minister, he has been calling me for the Awami League party, such as a traditional. While the responsibility of the party has confidence in me, I have all my sweat, labor, talent, with all my strength, I will pour out my leader and I can not afford to protect the sanctity of confidence.