Monday, October 18

A warden lashes out the parking moment to motorist in Hackney



Shocking footage has emerged which appears to show a traffic warden lashing out at motorist after he started filming him in east London.

The row erupted after the warden reportedly threatened to post the driver a parking ticket as he dropped a relative off at Homerton Hospital on Thursday afternoon.

The man claimed he had seen the warden near his car so jumped in and drove off but the inspector was not deterred, MailOnline reported.

The man said he had questioned why he would receive a ticket if he had already driven off but was offered no explaination.

A 20-second video clip showed the motorist drive slowly alongside the man, saying: “I’m recording a video, please can you answer me?”

He is ingnored initially before the warden appears to storm towards the car and lashes out at the man’s left hand, which held a smartphone.

The driver, who has not been named, told MailOnline: “I asked him why he was going to give me a ticket when I had driven off already, but he didn’t answer me.

I warned him that he was being videoed and asked him to explain why he was giving me a parking ticket.

I told him I was going to send it a complaint, but he ignored me and then hit out.

I left for my personal safety. I would not expect this kind of thing to happen in a civilised country.

A Hackney Council spokeswoman said the warden was employed by APCOA, a private company.

She told MailOnline: “The details of the incident have been passed to Hackney Council’s parking contractor, APCOA.

“We need to let the company investigate. Once they have finished the investigation the complaint will be dealt with.

Local residents can always contact us with complaints and we will always respond to them.

An APCOA spokesman added: “APCOA has a strict code of conduct which we expect our employees to adhere to.

We’re currently investigating this matter, and we will take appropriate action once we have concluded our investigation.