Thursday, November 30

Why Meghan Markle Won’t become a princess if she marries Harry



She’s the beautiful actress and activist who’s not only won the heart of a prince, but is also said to be winning over the entire Royal family, one member at a time.

The Suits actress is reportedly set to meet the Queen for the first time this Mother’s Day, having already met Prince Charles and the Duchess of Cambridge.

The reports that Meghan is set to meet the Queen obviously adds heat to already feverish speculation that Harry is intending to pop the question.

Then there’s the rumours she’s set to leave Suits, plus her accompanying Harry to the wedding of one his closest friends.

All of which piles fuel on to the engagement theories.

So, if that was to happen, would the UK be getting another princess?

After all, when Kate Middleton got her prince, she became one.

Princess Meghan?

Well, technically, Kate isn’t in fact a princess in her own right – and nor would Meghan be if she did marry Harry.

When Kate and William married, the Queen granted them the dukedom of Cambridge to the couple, making Kate Her Royal Highness, Catherine Duchess of Cambridge, Forbes explains.

Kate may be considered a princess by marriage and has the title of HRH Princess William, but technically she’s a Duchess and that’s the title used.

The British Monarchy’s rules can be pretty opaque at times, but when it comes to titles, The Firm are clear-cut.

The right to use a title such as Princess, Duchess or Countess applies JUST to the lucky folk born into the Royal Family, like Prince George, or Princesses Eugenie and Beatrice.

What this means for Meghan is, well, precisely the same as it did for Kate.

Should Harry propose and should the Queen sanction the marriage, it’s likely to she’ll grant him and Meghan a dukedom.

Experts believe the queen has ‘reserved’ the Dukedom of Sussex, open since 1843, for Harry.

So while that would make Meghan Her Royal Highness Meghan, Duchess of Sussex, she still wouldn’t be a princess.