Monday, December 11

Westminster attacker Khalid Masood persuaded daughter to convert to Islam: sparking furious rows with ex



The terrorist who left four dead and many injured in an attack outside Parliament reportedly persuaded his daughter to convert to Islam, sparking furious rows with his ex-girlfriend.

According to the MailOnline Khalid Masood born Adrian Elm – persuaded his daughter, now aged 24, to change her name and wear a full burka after converting to Islam himself.

It caused conflict between him and the mother of his two daughters, businesswoman Jane Harvey, who had previously separated from him following his convictions for GBH.

A friend of Ms Harvey said: “The elder daughter converted to Islam and is living in Birmingham.

She wears a full face veil and I think had changed her name. It was her father who had helped convert her.

He wanted the younger daughter to convert but Jane was against it and there was quite a family struggle.

I know Jane was very upset and wanted her to stay at home and continue her studies.

There has been no suggestion or indication that Masood’s family or daughters are radical Islamists or had any prior knowledge of their father’s beliefs.

The former Kent schoolboy reportedly met Ms Harvey in 1991 and they separated nine years later when he was jailed for GBH.

It was a very nasty time and the police spoke to Adrian on many occasions, they said. I think Jane was very glad to get out of the relationship. We were all very happy for her.

Police have launched in investigation into what inspired Masood to carry out the horrific attack.

They are hunting for any possible associates of his and have asked anyone with information about him to come forward.

Police today issued a mugshot of Masood and further black-and-white images have emerged of him as a youngster in his schooldays in Tunbridge Wells.

A former friend at the school told the Standard he was a clever, normal guy who liked girls and fags.

Graham Walmsley today told how the terrorist was one of the lads, who played football and rugby for their school and just a normal kid.