Wednesday, November 29

George Michael made secret trip to Vienna hospital just weeks before his death



George Michael made a secret visit to a hospital in Vienna just weeks before he died.

The star flew to the Austrian capital by private jet in November to the same medical centre that saved his life when he was struck down with pneumonia in 2011.

He is thought to have seen two top doctors who had led the team that treated him after he collapsed suffering from severe chest pains before a gig.

Lover Fadi Fawaz went with him on his latest trip, suggesting they were still an item in his final months despite claims their relationship was on the rocks.

Fadi, 40, found George dead on Christmas Day aged 53. He was thought to have died of heart failure.

Photographer and hair stylist Fadi said he had spent the night sleeping in his car before finding George’s body at his home in Goring, Oxfordshire.

Now the team managing George’s estate have asked grieving Fadi to stay away from the house, it was been claimed.

Reports said he could be frozen out of George’s will, which will divide his £105million fortune between family and his favourite charities.

Fadi has been spoken to by police but there is no suggestion he has done anything wrong. His older brother, Amsterdam hairdresser Daniel Fawaz, has spent time in London comforting Fadi.

Daniel told sister paper the Mirror: “It is so bad what’s happened to my brother and what they are saying.

I have heard a lot in the last few weeks. But it will all come out in the end. Until then I can’t say anything about this.

The brothers were born and grew up in Lebanon before Fadi moved to Sydney to work as a male model.

Their father was with George and Fadi on last year’s trip to Vienna.

As well as discussing his own health George is thought to have gone to the AKH General Hospital to accompany Fadi’s dad after recommending him for a consultation on a private medical issue.

Singer George reportedly never fully recovered from the acute pneumonia which left him fighting for his life at AKH.

Witnesses said the former Wham! frontman was unrecognizable during his visit in November after considerable weight gain.

In 2011 George had life-saving treatment at the AKH General Hospital.

Staff had to perform a tracheotomy to keep his airways open and he was unconscious for three weeks.

George, a heavy smoker, is thought to have suffered scarring on his lungs, which can lead to loss of function.

After treatment he said: “They basically spent three weeks keeping me alive… it almost killed me.

I spent the last 10 days since I woke up thanking people for saving my life.

Afterwards George gave 1,000 free concert tickets to staff at the hospital and returned the following September to thank them in person.

He was forced to cancel a series of shows after falling ill but later rescheduled 19 gigs across Europe.

Two of the doctors who led the team to save George were Dr Christoph Zielinski and Dr Thomas Staudinger. Dr Zielinski, who is the hospital’s head of oncology and a specialist in respiratory conditions, tweeted his condolences after George’s death.

He wrote: In sorrow about the unexpected death of George Michael. His caring team from the Vienna AKH express deep sympathy with family and friends.

One of the tallest hospital buildings in the world, the AKH General Hospital is the biggest in Austria and one of the largest 10 in Europe.

George was one of around a million patients treated annually within the imposing 1960s block concrete structure which is described as a city within a city.

He would have gone largely unnoticed at the huge facility, which is also home to the Medical University of Vienna.