Thursday, November 30

What did Melania Trump give to Michelle Obama



Michelle receiving present from Melania Melania Trump’s parting gift to the former first lady set tongues wagging yesterday, not least because of Michelle’s priceless reaction to the present.

But more intriguing is what was actually in the large box, unmistakably dressed in Tiffany’s signature colours.

As Melania and Donald walked up the steps of the White House, a gloved Melania carried the box and was quick to present it to Michelle.

With a hand outstretched, a warm Michelle ignored a handshake and went straight in for an embrace and a kiss on the cheeks.

That’s a present for you, a smiling Melania told Michelle, who awkwardly took the box and quickly turned for someone to take it from her so they can have their photo altogether on the White House steps.

Her face said it all as she decided what to do with it.

Speculation of the contents has ranged from a clock to a mug, and even a huge gaudy key ring. But what exactly was inside the mystery box?

But after some digging into the jeweller’s catalogue, the most likely answer is a posh photo frame.

The luxury retailer has a range of picture frames from £430 to almost £600, which are all around about the same size and shape as the wrapped box handed to Michelle.

 Tiffany One of the gifts, a rectangular frame in sterling silver, retails at £315 according to the Tiffany website.

Another comes in at £430 for a 5 x 7 rectangular picture holder.

Tiffany And one of the most expensive would have set the Trumps back a steep £590 for an 8 x 10 frame, which can also be engraved.

But speculation has also suggested the Trumps could have given a more unusual gift to their predeccesors.

One of the options on sale is a $3,000 (£2,500) U-shaped golden key ring, which could well be the kind of flashy gift Trump would bestow upon the Obamas.

It’s also one of Tiffany’s most famous items, making it a possible contender on the list.

Other suggestions are that they gifted a lavish clock – perhaps a hint that their time is up in the office?

Tiffany This ship’s clock, in gold, would have set the new first family back $2,800 (£2,260) from the retailer.

But they could have also played it simple, with this silver vegetable spoon costing $350 (£280).

So far, Tiffany’s has refused to comment on what exactly lies within the blue and silver ribboned box.

Their only response has been: The White House has been a patron of the House of Tiffany & Co since Abraham Lincoln.