Wednesday, January 26

Government loses Supreme Court case over Article 50



Theresa May needs the approval of Parliament to trigger the Brexit process, Britain’s most senior judges have ruled.

The Supreme Court has decided that MPs must be given a vote on triggering Article 50, the formal mechanism for leaving the European Union.

The Prime Minister has said she intends to do this by the end of March, and the Government is now expected to quickly publish a bill in an effort to stick to that timetable.

Theresa May Although it is thought to be unlikely that the Government will lose a vote in Parliament, the Supreme Court’s decision, by an 8-3 majority, could hold up the Brexit process.

Labour has said it will table a number of amendments and seek more details on the Government’s negotiation strategy, the SNP has vowed to vote against the plans and the Liberal Democrats will oppose the move unless the PM promises a second referendum.