Thursday, December 7

British people are now applying for jobs in Poland



The Polish government have claimed that they will attract as many as 30,000 British jobs to its business-service sector this year.

Following the outflow of more than a million Poles to Britain and other Western European countries, the government is trying to reclaim workforce with a multi-year 1 trillion zloty (£197 million) plan to boost innovation in its economy.

Prime minister Mateusz Morawiecki said on Monday that the country had spoken with more than 30 companies, some in the financial sector, about moving parts of their workforce from the UK following Brexit:

Poles were moving to London, now companies from London are relocating their workplaces to Poland.

The average salary in Poland’s financial and accounting industry is around £20,500, according to the 2015 Antal Salary Report.

Goldman Sachs which is planning to halve its London staff to 3,000 workers, will expand its Warsaw office to “several hundred” people over the next three years, Handelsblatt reported earlier this month.

At the time, Nicole Mommsen, company spokeswoman, told Bloomberg:

No decision has been taken and the numbers mentioned are none we would recognize.